Monday, 18 June 2018

The Afro Joker Riky Rick

People were not impressed with Riky Ricks style at the SAMA24 but let me defend him & let me tell you the motivation behind his fashion Craft. He wore an outfit from internationally-acclaimed local designer Chu Suwannapha’s label Chulaap.
The collection is called ‘Afro Joker’ with a combination of African Dandy and Boho. Chu was inspired by Fine Art Photographer Phylis Galemb‘s book called Maske (hence the face mask)
My theory is the motivation behind Chu Suwannapha work might be influenced by a watchmen character name "Rorschach" See Pics Rorschach is the name of a fictional characters in the comic book limited series called Watchmen from DC.
Riky is a superhero of Gucci but obviously he adopted the name as "Afro Joker" Chu's collection , sometimes learning someone's craft can be challenging is to why he dressed like that. We shouldn't expect him to dress more westernised but lets be open minded about how different he is . The man is an entertainer & very artistic. People expect you to be a certain way but I'm glad the man is being himself in public. i say His art fashion & craft should be saluted.